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"If you want to confront the future by working or leading in a nimble organization that celebrates effort, knows how to seize opportunities - and makes a difference, then Roger is someone that can help. Really help, not just make you feel good."

John Perkins

Foundation for Justice, Reconciliation & Community Development

Roger is one of my favorite leaders in the world. There is nobody I respect more in the business/education world. He is a man of integrity, a courageous leader and highly respected.

Makoto Fujimoro

Artist, Writer, Speaker, Fuller Theological Brehm Center

Roger Parrott has done more to create intersections between art and faith than any University leaders I know. He speaks of not just of the overlaps of art, church and business but of significant shifts in educational paradigm, and how the arts can foster leaders in 21st century, an increasingly automated, and dehumanized world.

Bob Andringa

President Emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

Roger Parrott is a friend who loves leadership in many sectors, especially among those who follow Jesus Christ.  I admire how he reaches out to form partnerships that are win-win.  And I admire his leadership in building bridges among different races and groups. He has gained much wisdom that needs to be shared.

Bob Doll

Chief Equity Strategist, Nuveen

Dr. Roger Parrott has reached a milestone not many college presidents ever get close to attaining. This achievement underscores his character-----caring, thoughtful, creative, understanding, proactive, and most of all, a life dedicated to serving Jesus Christ.

Insights from Leaders: Clients

Ralph Enlow

President, Association for Biblical Higher Education

Though we have both served in our respective Christian higher education sectors for decades, I recently enjoyed my first opportunity to meet Roger Parrott. His reputation as a Christian higher education elder statesman and winsome leader of leaders does not begin to compare to the person I encountered. I have seldom been more stimulated and challenged than I was by Roger's deeply reflective, biblically and theoretically informed, and intriguingly contrarian insights on the subjects of executive leadership and institutional planning. I am savoring this connection and looking forward to future opportunities to be encouraged by and learn from Roger.     

John Wylie

Former National President of The Christian Legal Society​

I have known Roger to be a man who has placed integrity as his highest priority during challenging circumstances - the most important quality of leadership in my view.

Richard Felix

President Emeritus at Azusa Pacific University

Roger is the personification of Godly leadership. He is the dictionary definition of a servant leader, in contrast to a leader wanting and needing to be served by others. Those who serve with him today testify that his inclusive style of leadership is empowering. They speak of his openness to a panorama of ideas and possibilities.

Insights from Leaders: Clients

Robert Witt

President Emeritus, University of Alabama

Roger is a distinguished higher education leader and minister.  He occupies a unique position in higher education in that he is a highly successful university president, a widely respected author and an acknowledged leader in the Christian church.  He speaks from a position of moral authority that allows him to deliver a profound message about today’s world.

Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni & Friends International Disability Center

Roger Parrott has demonstrated over the years that true Christian leadership is a matter of integrity performed with excellence.  When you live a life like that, you can’t help but have followers!  He provides weathered advice to men and women on leading with honesty and truthfulness.

Insights from Leaders: Clients

Lon Allison

Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College

Before introducing my wife to Roger Parrott I told her that she was about to meet one of the five smartest leaders I’ve ever known. She wasn’t disappointed. He is a Leader and Entrepreneur extraordinaire in higher education.

Ken Blanchard

The One Minute Manager® and Lead Like Jesus

Now more than ever, leaders everywhere are realizing that short-term thinking doesn’t work. The Longview by Dr. Roger Parrott is essential medicine for today’s hurry-up, quick-fix lifestyle. Read this book, read it again, and apply its message to your life.

Leighton Ford

Honorary Lifetime Chair, The Lausanne Movement

Whenever I have had a challenging situation I have turned to him for counsel and encouragement. He doesn't just talk about leadership. He exemplifies it. He is worth listening to and learning from.

Billy Kim

Chairman, Far East Broadcasting Company - Korea

Dr. Roger Parrott is a global leader, who is not only interested in academics, but shows individual care for every student in his university.  He is one of the greatest speakers that I have encountered.

Insights from Leaders: Clients

Ted Baehr

Founder and Publisher, MOVIEGUIDE

Roger is one of the most perceptive, wise and visionary  university leaders, as well as a brilliant and faith-filled friend and mentor. Roger is in a league of his own as a pathfinder who understands how to motivate students and supporters.

Dan Jones

Sanderson Chair: Obesity, Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Roger is one of the leading figures in American Christian higher education. An entrepreneur of the highest order, Dr. Parrott has much to share through his long, and rich success in education.

Tom Phillips

Vice President, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Dr. Roger Parrott is one of the greatest communicators of leadership, development of the next generation, team building, and global communication that I know.

Jay Kyle

Vice President, Redeemer City to City

I have used Roger’s book as a textbook resource in my work with global leaders in Latin America, the Asia/Pacific and other regions of the world. Roger can be trusted and depended upon to speak the truth with both boldness and humility.

Insights from Leaders: Clients

Ted Yamamori

President Emeritus, Food for the Hungry International

Dr. Roger Parrott is a leader of leaders in higher education. Those fortunate enough to hear him will certainly benefit from his vast experience and wisdom.

Steve Douglass

President, Cru

I have had the privilege of knowing Roger and watching him lead for many years. Not only does he model good leadership, but he also seeks to help others lead well.

Mabry Smith III

Division President, Wheless Partners

As an experienced leader who has taken his sage leadership lessons from theory into practice, Roger is particularly adept at speaking about how others and their organizations can implement the most effective approach and activities to optimize individual, team and overall organizational performance.

Brian Stiller

Global Ambassador, The World Evangelical Alliance

Roger Parrott is an uncommon leader within our Christian community – expert in management, understanding in relationships and inspiring in person and message. His enormous experience in both national and international movements and ministries gives him insight into the ways of the Spirit and the trends of our time.

Insights from Leaders: Clients

Kevin Ford

Chief Visionary Officer and Principal, TAG Consulting

Roger has transformed a university, impacted global evangelism, and mentored the next generation of leaders.  Many great speakers are simply great speakers.  But Roger stands apart from others as an engaging speaker who also brings the kind of wisdom that can only be acquired through years of leading transformation.

Sunny K. Park

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, General Building Maintenance, Inc.

I become a fan of Roger very quickly because he is an impressive leader - setting the direction by example. He is a passionate educator and creative fund raiser.  I believe in him and in Belhaven University.

Liza Cirlot Looser

CEO, The Cirlot Agency

I have watched Dr. Parrott aggressively follow the path he believes God is directing and, without hesitation or ego, shift when he hears the voice of God redirect. His commanding voice and presence are equally matched with an expression of God’s love and respect toward everyone he meets.  A mentor to the young and an inspiration to all, he is, quite simply, a fine man whom I am blessed to call friend.

Rob Martin

Partner, First Fruit Institute

Roger Parrott is a surprising man. Not that he’s not everything you would expect in a college president, he is. But a staid academic, he isn’t. Roger confronts shibboleths and other hoary traditions, taking them on with the truth of Scripture and the penetrating insights of a leader who has triumphed in impossible global tasks. He builds teams and individuals, holding himself and them to high standards within the framework of God Grace and provision, not an easy thing to do. Roger communicates truth in a clear, compelling, and deceptively simple manner that can change lives. I know, I’ve experienced it. If you want to confront the future by working or leading in a nimble organization that celebrates effort, knows how to seize opportunities - and makes a difference, then Roger is someone that can help. Really help, not just make you feel good.

Insights from Leaders: Clients

Nick Wallace

Director,  BKD

When some think of great college presidents, they might think of their alma mater or maybe some Ivy League school. When I think of great college presidents, I think of ones with great staying power. When you consider college university presidential staying power, one President stands out. That is Roger Parrott, President of Belhaven University in Jackson Mississippi. In a day when most Presidents last only seven years, or ten years if they are really good… Roger has been president at two institutions for nearly thirty years. He will be in his current position as president of Belhaven for twenty four of those thirty years at the end of this school year. That kind of staying power is to be admired and learned from.

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Peter Teague

President, Lancaster Bible College

In my 45 years of educational administration I have been a long admirer of Dr. Roger Parrott and have benefitted from afar from his leadership abilities.  Recently hearing him speak in person on the topic of “opportunity planning” versus “destination planning” rekindled my great admiration and respect for him.  From my vantage point he is one of a few academic leaders who balances pragmatism with vision. In fact, any time the leadership of our colleges engage in round table discussions on the future of Christian higher education, I believe he should be at the center. It is with a heart filled with gratitude and respect that I commend Dr. Roger Parrott.

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“Statesmen have purposefully developed a pattern of patience that accepts with ease the shortcomings, pace, or learning curve of others.”

Roger Parrott - The Longview:  Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders

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