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Ministry & Non-Profit Leadership

Roger prefers to understand each organization’s needs, and then build a topic that will help address your most significant challenges - providing your audience with "actionable insights" to bring about change.

Executive Leadership and Boards

Corporate Culture and Managing Change

Visioning through Planning and Opportunities

Complex Employee and Ministry Challenges

Team Productivity and Motivation

Inspired Partnerships and Innovation

Leading for Change

and Living to Tell the Story

Riding this rollercoaster of change requires a new leadership framework to thrive, not just survive; lead for long-term significance rather than short-term applause; bring about change that lets the results tell the story of your success as a leader.

Leadership Turned Backwards

Lead As If You’ll Be There Forever

Leaders are caught in an ever tightening vice grip of unrealistic expectations that pressure them to value turn-around over transformation.  There is a better way: effective longview leadership can flourish while serving an audience clamoring for immediate results.


Moving New Ideas to Good Ideas

Good decision-making comes to a screeching halt when organizations tolerate a dysfunctional organizational climate that limits examination of new ideas. Effective leaders have learned to develop both the process and the courage to assure new concepts will be fully evaluated and exposed to the light of scrutiny.

Policies are for Cowards

Creating a Culture of Ownership

To create an environment of ownership, creativity, and energy, leaders must not sheepishly hide behind policies functioning as surrogate arbitrators, but rather adapt a new way to look at policy making, that will strengthen institutional culture and lift employee morale.

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Shepherding a Vision

Without Scaring Away the Flock

Leaders must cast a bold vision that inspires, challenges, and equips a ministry to reach beyond their comfort zone. But ideas excite, while decisions frighten – it takes insightful leadership to shepherd a vision without scaring away the flock.

Planning Will Drain the Life

from your Ministry

Christian leaders need to spend more time dreaming, praying and listening to what God wants for us, rather than huddled around conference tables attempting to plan God’s best for us.  Consider an entirely new model of planning to completely change the outlook of your leaders and stakeholders.

Slaying the Giants That Hold You Captive


The little guy beating the big guy is NOT the point of the famous David and Goliath story.  Learn God’s plan for fighting the giants of your life, and becoming free from the personal and organizational giants that severely limit your effectiveness.

Board Strengthening Dialogue

10 Topics

Boards Wish They Could Discuss With their CEO 

10 Topics

CEOs Wish They Could Discuss With Their Board

Ministry & Non-Profit: Speaking

Every Board Could Do More – and Like It!

Board members have multiple, but very separate functions that are helpful to an organization (including fund raising) – but confusing those roles leads to potential disaster.  When members understand the boundaries and opportunities of those responsibilities, inside and outside the board room, they find a new level of fulfillment from their service, and the organization dramatically raises its effectiveness and reach.

The 12 Principles of Fund Raising That WILL Dramatically Change Your Bottom Line

This day-long seminar equips CEOs, organizational leaders, development professionals, board members, and key stakeholders with the practical tools needed to dramatically raise their effectiveness in fund raising – a day of actionable insights designed specifically around your organizational context.

Ministry & Non-Profit: Speaking

"Leading with confidence comes that deep assurance that this is the exact place where God wants you to be, at this exact time, doing this exact thing.  Godly confidence burns away the timidity that leads to resorting to vulnerability as a means of getting approval."

Roger Parrott - The Longview:  Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders

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